The Essence of Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the lifeblood, or "essence" of a plant. When extracted through various techniques, essential oils are concentrated, taking on all the healing properties of the plant itself, in a highly potent format. Just one drop of therapeutic-grade essential oil contains enough molecules (and healing compounds!) to cover every cell in the human body our 400 times! The potency of essential oils makes them a very practical, inexpensive, and long-lasting therapeutic remedy, household cleaning agent, or even perfume/fragrance. Furthermore, all essential oils have countless different properties and benefits: the same oil can act on both the heart and the digestive system, for example, delivering powerful healing substances, antioxidants, and polyphenols to multiple body systems at once. This multi-system effect makes essential oils even more favorable.

Why Young Living? 

Almost more important than the choice of oil itself is the brand you choose to use. Essential oils are not FDA-regulated, and there is no certifying agency when it comes to purity standards. Therefore, labels such as "100% natural," "organic," "pure," "100% essential oil," and even "therapeutic grade" hold very little meaning when judging the quality of oils. Young Living is one the oldest and most well-respected essential oil companies in the history of essential oils. They are the ONLY company that still has their own farms, and carry out all distilling and extracting procedures in-house, by their own employees: all other companies hire third-parties to do these things. All of Young Living's farms are sustainably and ethically handled, in addition to being 100% organic, many of which are USA-grown (YL headquarters is located in Utah, but they have farms all around the world, in order to access plants and oils that are only available in certain regions of the world). Additionally, Young Living's extraction processes ensure the highest level of purity, potency, and safety. They stand by their motto of "Seed to Seal," guaranteeing purity, efficacy, and potency from the seed of the plant, to the seal of the oil. Young Living is, without a doubt, the one and only legitimately and trustworthy therapeutic-grade essential oil in existence.  

Essential Oil Testimonials

Miriam L. says "I come from a long line of hereditary Varicose Vein disease and at age 33 was already displaying the infamous exaggerated "road map" blue cords all over my legs. Not only were they unsightly and embarrassing for me, but also having the veins is painful and causes leg fatigue.

Fortunately I came across all the uses of Lemongrass oil in the essential oils reference book and decided to give it a shot.

At first I applied the oil directly to my legs, which caused slight irritation and redness. Now I dilute 1 part Lemongrass with 4 parts organic olive oil or grape seed oil. Within minutes my legs are invigorated and the dull, achy vein pain disappears!

Even better, after a couple of months of applying diluted Lemongrass directly to my legs once or twice a week, the actual veins have diminished and are but a fraction of the sight that they used to be. I am no longer embarrassed to wear shorts!

Amazing and versatile Lemongrass can be used for: bladder infection, respiratory/sinus infection, digestive problems, parasites, torn ligaments/muscles, fluid retention, varicose veins and salmonella."

Carol C. says "I have several nerve injuries that lead to daily chronic pain, sometimes very severe. I first started using a drop or two of Peppermint essential oil diluted in lotion applied to the areas that hurt. Within a minute or two the pain started to go away for me. It always lessened if it did not go away completely. Peppermint oil is very strong and can be hot on your skin. Always dilute the oil if needs be.

Having chronic pain leads to much inflammation in our bodies. I made a hydrosol solution (oil diluted in distilled water) in a glass spray bottle. I spray this on my areas that cause me pain at least once per day. It has taken the inflammation down greatly and I do not hurt as often. In this solution I use Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Lavender, and Helichrysum essential oils. I use 5 drops per 6 ounces of distilled water.

Remember water activates the oils. If you accidentally get any in your eye add any oil like olive, almond, grape seed, etc to your eye to dilute it. I was taking pain medication or pain patches daily. With these oils I use it has eliminated the need for these medications for me."

Christina S. says "We are a homeschooling family, and one of our children is always daydreaming and considerably slower at his work than his sibling.

So our son tried applying Vetiver essential oil to his neck, on the tip of his nose, and across his forehead. He just finished his independent work in record-breaking time... way ahead of his sister! This is something that NEVER, ever happens.

After months and months of having issues with our oldest child completing his schoolwork in a timely manner, we are singing the praises of Vetiver essential oil today!

We are so thankful for Young Living essential oils!"

Ayse Z. says "I fell in love with essential oils and have been using them for a year now. My best personal testimony is my weight loss.

I used to wear size 10-12 and am now a size 5-6. Let me give you my recipe: I add 7 drops of Grapefruit essential oil into 2 liters of water and shake it very well. One or two hours before every meal, I drink 2-3 cups of the Grapefruit-oiled water. All day I drink only this oiled water.

In a month you may feel the results, but you may not see any weight change until after 2 months. Keep trying! Everybody has a different metabolism. It may vary person to person."

Henning H. says "Facial Oil: This recipe produces a smooth, soft, divine smelling face and hands. It requires 20 drops Ylang Ylang plus 20 drops Patchouli in 15 ml organic coconut oil, then put a roller fitment on bottle. The Ylang Ylang and Patchouli blend also gives me a sense of happiness.

Facial Oil Collagen: Frankincense + 60 drops Vetiver in 15 ml organic coconut oil plus roller fitment. Vetiver plumps the face.

Wrinkles Around Eye Oil:

Lavender plus base oil 1:15, roll on bone around whole eye. I gently massage it a bit nearer the eye underneath as well.

Hand oil is Myrrh plus base oil. What a beautiful life!" (All testimonials from

As you can see, the possibilities and benefits of essential oils are endless, and there is no better company to use than the gold-standard, Young Living. As a Certified Aromatherapist, YL is the only oil company I recommend to my clients and use myself, and have seen countless benefits and MIRACLES from using oils, and from my clients using them as well (weight loss, healed cavities, disappearing breast nodules and fibroids, balance-out of under active thyroid, and elimination/remission of Lyme disease). There is no better time than NOW to start your essential oil journey...and start experiencing the healing they can bring into YOUR life. 

The most cost-effective way to begin using oils is to register as a member with Young Living, and create a monthly order, to ensure you never run out of your "essential" essential oils (such as peppermint for fatigue/nausea, DiGize for digestion, Stress Away for "life" stuff, and Thieves for cleansing. Young Living also carries oil-infused personal care items, makeup, and nutritional supplements that are top-notch as well, and can be added to your monthly order, PLUS you get points that are redeemable as cash on your future orders...oh, and FREE OILS every month!) You are not required to register as a member, but you will definitely save money in the long well as MAKING money (Essential Rewards perks, business opportunity, and member discounts/wholesale prices on oils versus retail prices as a non-member). If you're ready to sign up, or even considering it, email Anna with all your questions, concerns, and for step-by-step guidance on your oil journey. If you're ready to go NOW, sign up by clicking the button below.



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