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Exciting Announcement From Anna's Organics!

A brief interruption in our regularly scheduled programming (aka week 4 of our Deal with Your Deficiencies series)…but we will get back to it, zooming in on potassium next week!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have had your curiosity piqued by some of my recent posts. I’ve been keeping a little secret, and promised I’d share it today…are you ready?!

Anna’s Organics is officially a product line! Introducing the Anna’s Organics product line, featuring handmade herbal salves, wholesome body care and household essentials, nontoxic candles, natural jewelry, and 100% organic food products, including my trademark “Real Stevia.”

Why I Started a Product Line

So why am I starting this product line? It’s no secret the natural health and wellness industry has grown exponentially in the past 20 years, and almost to the point where the market has become a bit oversaturated. However, I learned early on and at a pretty young age that quantity does not equal quality...aka the overwhelming number of "natural" companies out there doesn't necessarily equate to these companies being overwhelmingly natural and clean.

Growing up with severe health issues which would later be diagnosed as cystic fibrosis, I did everything I could to alleviate as much of my own suffering as I possibly could, which primarily meant filling my body with only the healthiest, most wholesome, and purest foods and ingredients. But while there seemed to be tons of “options” available, none were completely allergy-friendly, additive-free, locally made, and 100% organic and natural…while still being relatively affordable.

After experimenting with trying the cleanest products I COULD find and still reacting negatively (or noticing certain ingredients were potentially questionable as far as sourcing), I took matters into my own hands and started making my own products.

Over time, friends, family, and clients started asking first for my recipes…and then for me to make them certain products from my formulations. My “Real Stevia” was a huge hit among my personal contacts as well as at local farmers markets, where I would routinely sell out. My household essentials and body care products, all organic and clean enough to EAT while still being affordable, we’re my next biggest hit.

But when I developed chronic pancreatitis in 2017, I was forced to put my product line developments on hold. Thankfully, after 4 years and many surgeries, hospitalizations, and herbal remedies, all of which have drastically improved my health and quality of life, I am finally doing better and am able to manage my conditions for the most part.

And now, returning to my product line, I can honestly say I’m bringing it back bigger and better than ever. Not only will old favorites like my Real Stevia, Beyond Beautiful Skin Body Butter, and Tooth Gu be returning, but I am also introducing tons of ENTIRELY NEW PRODUCTS, including a jewelry line made of handmade, and hand-foraged materials taken directly from nature, as well as 100% organic herbal-infused beeswax candles.

About the Anna's Organics Product Line

All of the Anna’s Organics products are 100% organic, 100% handmade, and 100% natural. All ingredients are listed on the package, and all preparation procedures are safe, sanitary, and both environmentally and ethically sustainable. In future blog posts, I will share more info about specific products, including why my “Real Stevia” is the only stevia you should use…considering that stevia found on supermarket shelves is bleached, chemically extracted, and oftentimes contains up to 30% SUGAR (aka “dextrose”). Anna’s Organics “Real Stevia” contains two ingredients: 100% organic dried green stevia leaves (either grown in my own garden, or purchased from a reliable herbal supply shop that I have a long-standing trust in) and 100% organic vegetable glycerin, derived entirely from COCONUT, not palm. Palm oil, palm glycerin, and all palm products are very harmful to the environment and to wildlife, but palm products are cheaper (by a lot) then coconut glycerins and coconut products. Therefore, most all companies either use palm glycerin, or don’t specify the source their glycerin is derived from…in which case you can almost entirely assume that it is derived from palm, not coconut.

But here at Anna's Organics, that's not the way we roll. I choose only the most sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients, and prepare them in only the most natural, safe, and sanitary way: all-around ensuring that your NATURAL products are not actually just natural ingredients that have been adulterated, altered, or interfered with in a harmful way. With Anna's Organics products, what's listed on the label is what's in the product, period. Oh, and hazardous manufacturing practices? Chemical contamination or extraction? These are non-issues, too. All AO products are handmade by yours truly, and I'm proud to say I get my hands dirty in the process (metaphorically speaking). I don't rely on industrial machines that produce toxic fumes and byproducts, some of which end up in your food and body care products. Anna's Organics is what you would call a "slow" business: for the sake of our customers, our community, and ultimately our world...and that's the way we will stay, always.

This is the quality you can expect, rely on, and trust with ALL Anna’s Organics products: from the Real Stevia to the handmade herbal-infused beeswax candles (much better than burning and breathing in toxic paraffin, which releases chemicals like toluene and benzene, both known carcinogens and linked to reproductive and developmental problems).

100% organic. 100% natural. 100% local. 100% handmade—100% of the time. That’s the Anna’s Organics promise.

All products currently available for purchase can be found HERE, but make sure you’re subscribed to the blog for updates on new products that will be released in the coming days, weeks, and months. Also be sure to follow Anna’s Organics on social media @annasorganicswellness (Instagram) and @annasorganicslynchburg (Facebook) as I will be updating there as well.

Thank you for your support of Anna’s Organics, local business, and natural health in Central Virginia. Your use of Anna’s Organics products is sure to lessen your toxic load - without lightening your wallet.


Explore our jewelry, bath and body care, and household essentials today, and keep an eye out for our herbal first aid line coming in the next few weeks! All products can be found HERE.

Our herbal tea blends are available HERE. Please note that custom herbal teas, tinctures, and formulas require a consultation with Dr. Anna. Please email annasorganicswellness@gmail.com for more information

on custom herbal formulations.


*Please note: food products are NOT able to be shipped, and are currently only available for local customers (Central Virginia) who can utilize pickup/delivery services. We apologize for any inconvenience.*

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