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In Honor of National Ice Cream Day...

If you're a foodie like me (or simply an ice cream lover...also like me...), you will already have known that today, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day. As if we needed another excuse to eat ice cream (helloooo, 115 degree heat index!), National Ice Cream Day is another one. In honor of this super sweet 'n special food holiday, I'm sharing one of my favorite things ever--a recipe I created by ACCIDENT close to 4 years ago now, which has since become my breakfast every morning without fail. I call it "Protein NICE Cream," because it's high in protein, and it's nice to your body (and your taste buds), by packing nutrients, vitamins, protein, and...VEGGIES! This recipe is not only a quick, easy, and delicious snack or meal starter (cause who doesn't eat ice cream for lunch?!), it's also a simple way to get a hefty dose of veggies (and protein) without gnawing on a huge salad, or downing multiple protein shakes, which, for some of us (like myself now, post-surgery...I can't eat most fruits and veggies unless they're juiced or blended), is just not an option. Either way, this is an all-GI-tracts-welcome recipe that's sure to please (and trick!) even the pickiest of eaters! Enjoy!

Anna's Amazing Protein NICE Cream


1. 2 cups frozen chopped cucumber (or zucchini, but it will be green...which is fine, but if you're making this as a way to hide veggies from your kiddos, it might set off the nasty alarm for them)

2. 6 ice cubes

3. 1/2 cup plain egg white protein* (I use NOW Supplements brand)

4. Sweetener to taste (I use liquid stevia)


1. Add all ingredients to high-speed blender (like a Vitamix) in the order listed.

2. Secure blender's lid and begin blending, starting on low speed and gradually working up to highest speed, using tamper to aid in "creaming."

3. Remove lid and scoop into bowl. Stick in freezer for 5 minutes to firm up a bit, if desired.

4. Add toppings of choice (if any) and enjoy!

*NOTE: Using other proteins (other than egg white protein) is not recommended, as egg white protein has a unique "fluffing" aspect that other proteins do not have, which is one of the reasons this recipe is so similar in consistency to real soft-serve ice cream. If you'd prefer a plant-based protein, the one I have found to work the best is Garden of Life Sport Plant-Based Protein Powder (vanilla or chocolate), but it will NOT have the same consistency and will be much, much harder to blend. Whey, whole egg, collagen, etc. proteins will NOT work at all.

Until next time...

Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful,

Dr. Anna R. Johnson, ND/CNS





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