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Homemade Coconut Yogurt (SIBO-friendly!)

I. Love. Yogurt. Always have, always will. The problem is...yogurt doesn't love ME very much. I am HIGHLY lactose intolerant, and dairy products of all kinds just wreck havoc on my poor little gut. But alas, it's coconut yogurt to the rescue! This simple coconut yogurt recipe is quick, easy, cost-effective, and insanely delicious (dare I say it's BETTER than the store-bought kind I've loved for years now?!). Also, this particular recipe is SIBO-friendly...aka, it's FREE OF PROBIOTICS. Wait, wait, wait...I thought probiotics were GOOD?! Yes, indeed they are...but I'm currently still in the "remove/kill/eradicate" (whatever destructive word you want to use, haha) phase of my SIBO infection, and I do NOT need to be adding MORE bacteria into my system until all the bacteria in my small intestine have been successfully removed. Until then, I am refraining from probiotics of any and all kinds (yes, even my beloved sauerkraut...). If you're currently doing the same, then you'll love this recipe! You get all the creamy, tangy goodness of regular coconut yogurt (or even regular yogurt), without the probiotics and lactose--both of which feed SIBO buggies.

Now, you want to make sure you are using YOUNG THAI COCONUTS for this recipe...NOT mature coconuts. Confused? Here's the difference:

This is a young Thai coconut. These are the ones you want to use. Young coconuts tend to be sweeter and the meat more tender and mineral-rich than mature coconuts...plus, young coconut contain up to THREE TIMES the coconut water of that in a fully mature coconut. This is where the cost-effective part comes in.

If you're like me and love coconut water for it's electrolyte qualities (it's a LIFESAVER miracle liquid for people with CF or just general electrolyte imbalances!), you will appreciate this yogurt recipe even more. Coconut water is NOT cheap--especially fresh. However, when you choose to purchase the young coconuts to make your own yogurt (each one usually runs about $3-4, depending on where you live...some stores will give case discounts, though!), you also get about 1-1.5 cups of water...PER COCONUT. So let's do the math, shall we? I was spending about $10-14 per week on just yogurt...PLUS about $20 per week on coconut water. That's close to $35 per week for 9 cups of yogurt and about 6 cups of water. That's a lot of money. Making my own, on the other hand, yielded close to 5 cups of yogurt, PLUS nearly 64 oz. FRESH coconut water...for $14. YES! Now that's an awesome deal. Even better? This yogurt (and water) is 100% preservative-free and much healthier than store-bought. Sounds like a win-win in my book.

Homemade Coconut Yogurt

Yields approximately 5 cups (give or take--amount varies depending on size and meat content of coconuts)

*NOTE: Because coconuts vary so greatly in meat content versus water content (as do taste preferences for tang, thinness/thickness/consistency preferences, etc.), this recipe does not have any exact MEASUREMENTS--taste as you go along and adjust accordingly to your preferences.


1. 4 young Thai coconuts

2. 1/4-1/2 cup raw apple cider vinegar with the "Mother" (I like this brand) (NOTE: this acts as a natural preservative due to the living enzymes in the vinegar. Pretty cool!)

3. 1-2 cups water (more or less, depending on desired consistency)


1. Carefully open coconuts (I have one of THESE that I use and love) and pour water into a large bowl for later use (or just drink now!).

2. Using a spoon, scoop out inner coconut meat and place in a large bowl. Should yield about 2-3 cups of coconut meat from all 4 coconuts.

3. In vitamix or other high speed blender, combine coconut meat, apple cider vinegar, and 1/2 cup water (note: you'll want to start with less water and vinegar and add as you go. Adding the full 2 cups of water at once will result in the yogurt separating and not mixing smoothly).

3. Secure lid tightly and blend low to high until smooth. Taste and assess texture, add more water and/or vinegar to preference, and blend again. Repeat until desired flavor and consistency are reached.

4. Pour into large container and secure lid tightly. Store in refrigerator for up to 5 days.

That's it! Easy peasy, right?! (And super yummy!)

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Have a healthy, happy week friends!







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