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Cherry-Berry Breakfast Shake!

I have to be honest with you guys...nothing bugs me more when someone asks someone else what they had for breakfast, and that person responds, "just a smoothie." Wait, WHAT?! JUST a smoothie? That sentence makes no sense to me. I don't know about y'all, but I could live off smoothies (in fact, I HAVE for 2 weeks! On my "Green Smoothie Cleanse"! Curious? Shoot me an email at annasorganicslynchburg@gmail.com to set up a nutrition consultation!). Really though! I mean, think about it people: the possibilities are truly endless. All the fruits and veggies, combined in utterly mouthwatering ways...and then there's "boosters" like cilantro, ginger, and even basil...oooookay. *mouth drools* 

I think you guys will thoroughly enjoy this Cherry Berry Breakfast Shake--it's a shake because "smoothies" have been stigmatized to be gross somewhere along the way...but SHAKE--haters can't touch a good 'ol shake! (Plus it indicates it's got a dreamily thick ice cream-like consistency...which this guy has!) Enjoy, friends! 

Cherry Berry Breakfast Shake!


1. One frozen banana (or one scoop plant-based protein powder)

2. 1/2 cup frozen dark sweet cherries

3. 1 cup frozen mixed berries (my blend had strawbs, bloobs, raspberries, and blackberries....yum!)

4. 1/2 tsp raw vanilla powder

5. 5 fresh mint leaves (optional, but OH SO RECOMMENDED!)

6. 1 cup liquid of choice (coconut water is delish! Also try plant based Nut milks--again, coconut is fab!)


1. Do smoothies need instructions? Well I guess this one does, since it's a "Shake"...anyway, add all ingredients to your high speed blender (mega love for my Vitamix!) and blend your little heart out. 

2. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy outside on the front porch. 

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