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Hawaiian Sensation Smoothie!

So, recently I've had the beach on my mind. And when I say "on my mind," I mean obsessed with wanting to go to the beach. I'm LOOOONG overdue for a vacay, first of all...like 5 years overdue. I've (embarrassingly) been googling pictures of the beach and just looking at them, imagining myself there. Yeah, it's pretty sad. (But I'm hoping to get to go soon!)Anyway, like I said...the beach is on my mind FO SHO...and that fact is showing in my meals and snacks! Thanks to my beach obsession, this smoothie was born: my Hawaiian Sensation Smoothie! It's like a mini trip to the tropics without ever leaving your home (even if you would like to leave your home. Hey, rent don't pay itself, y'all.). So sit back and sip your smoothie...and no one will judge you if you throw on a two-piece and play some tacky ocean wave CD in the background while you do so ;)

Hawaiian Sensation Smoothie

Ingredients (serves two)

1. 4 cups frozen tropical fruit blend (or equal parts frozen strawberries, frozen mango, frozen pineapple, and frozen banana)

2. Two fresh oranges

3. 2 scoops vegan vanilla protein powder

4. 2 cups coconut water

5. Coconut chips and tropical fruit for garnish (optional)


1. Do smoothies really need directions? Throw everything into your high-speed blender and, well, let it do it's magic! :) (and try not to drink it too fast so you won't get a brain-freeze!)

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