• Anna Johnson

ACV Iced Tea

We all know apple cider vinegar is good for us...but if you have trouble knocking your shot back some days, then this ACV Iced Tea is for you! A nice change from regular iced tea, and a nice way to get your daily shot! 

ACV Iced Tea


1. 4 flavored herbal tea bags of choice 

2. 1 gallon boiling water 

3. 3/4 raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar 

4. Anna's Organics Pure Stevia Drops, to taste 


1. Place tea bags in a large, glass gallon jar and pour boiling water over top. 

2. Allow tea to to steep until room temperature. 3. When cooled to room temperature, add apple cider vinegar and stevia. Cover and refrigerate until cold. 

4. Serve chilled, with organic lemon wedges, if desired. 

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