Seeing God

Everyday Mindfulness in the Life of a Believer

Mindfulness is a hot topic these days, and usually comprises things like "noticing the sensations in your body," "listening to the signals your body is sending you," "feeling the sensations of the environment meeting your essence," and so on. These are all wonderful practices, but for a believer, they miss the ultimate goal: to be mindful of the ways in which God is speaking to us throughout the day, and throughout the course of our lives. Stop and think for a moment about times in which you have deeply felt The Lord speaking to you. Have you seen HIs hand working in a difficult situation? What about His glory in a majestic aspect of creation? Start becoming mindful of how God is speaking to you...not when, because He is ALWAYS speaking to us, but how. Take the time to tune in to HIS voice, HIS leadings, HIS essence. You can practice this throughout your day, set aside a certain amount of time where you will focus on this wholeheartedly, or both. Walking is an excellent way to "see God," as the products of His hands are literally all around us in the beauty of the earth. 

This will look differently depending on your situation, your relationship with The Lord, and your emotional state. However, mindful living ultimately entails becoming more aware of Christ's presence with us...always. For instance, I was walking not too long ago, when I noticed a street sign that had been placed in front of a large tree. The sign had clearly been placed very close to the tree; however, over time, the tree had continued on growing...right into the street sign. The sign had become twisted and torqued and almost difficult to read: somewhat destroyed. Yet, the tree still stood strong, radiant, and, now, a testimony of God's awesomeness. This image was, for me, a perfect example of life: the efforts of man, Satan, and the forces of hell will be placed in our way. They will try to inhibit us from "growing," if you will. But God can't be stopped, nor can His work and wondrous saving power in and through HIs children--you and me. The efforts of man may look ominous and like they have won, like they have been successful in holding us back...but God will prevail. His Will still comes to pass. And His beloveds still stand, in spite of it all, strong, radiant, and a true testimony to others of God's unending awesomeness. 

Start becoming aware of how God is speaking to you and trying to get your attention throughout the day. This is how we walk and "do life" with Jesus. We don't have to spend all day in traditional prayer to experience the presence of and feel close to God...instead, we should strive to make our lives a living prayer, finding God in our every moment. This is what mindfulness looks like as a believer, and allows our hearts to be constantly open to God and what He is saying to us and leading us to do.