If it were not for Anna Johnson, my health would not be where it is today. She truly is amazing at everything that she does. I came to her when my health was at it’s most desperate point. Doctors had given up on me & I was getting worse and worse every day with no hope that I would ever heal and get better. Anna gave me the hope that things could be different, that healing was indeed possible for me. She guided me through the process, always answering any question that I had for her with patience and understanding. If it were not for her support and encouragement, I could not have made it through & would not be in the position I am today. With Anna, I learned the correct foods to eat to not only heal my body but, thrive in my life. She amazed me with her vast knowledge of herbal remedies and explained to me what each one could do to help my body heal. She also opened me up to the world of essential oils. I had known a little bit about them before I met her however, I had no idea just how much I didn’t know! They have made such a huge difference in my healing & are now something that I will incorporate into my life for as long as I live. Thank you Anna for everything you have done for me. You truly are a blessing from God and I thank him every day for leading me to meet you! 

Jill Lohrey

Clermont, FL

I am just beginning my fruity, raw vegan lifestyle and I met Anna in a Facebook group with multiple detox specialists. Her sweet personality, amazing spirit, and knowledge were what drew me to her as my coach. She always takes the time to answer questions that people have and is so friendly. She has a zeal for life and it’s very evident. I am happy to call her my friend and know that if I need any more help on this journey she will be there to answer my questions. If you need help on your detox journey, I would recommend her highly.

Karla Diaz-Bussey

University Place, WA

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